Nail decoration has ancient origins but only recently, thanks to the gel nail reconstruction technique, allows you to have always treated hands despite the stressful situations to which they are subjected, took root in the life of many girls becoming of necessity and importance.

Thanks to the reconstruction of the gel nail, it is possible not only to strengthen the nails, but even to reconstruct and lengthen them easily and quickly, with an extremely natural result; but just in this respect, it is well to clarify – for those who do not know it yet – that the reconstruction of the nail can be of two types: three-phase and single-phase.

What is the difference between three-phase and single-phase gel?

Reconstruction with three-phase gel

The reconstruction of nails with three-phase gel (or three-phase gel) remains the most popular. This method, although it requires a little more time and experience for its application, is still the most widespread today precisely because it is more detailed and meticulously worked.

For the application of the triphasic gel, it is necessary first to have:

  • base gel (or primer),
  • construction gel,
  • finishing gel
  • + a color gel

All these products for gel nails will be applied to the nail following a certain method of nail reconstruction.

The base gel or primer prepares the nail, so to speak, to increase the adhesion of the actual gel on the nail; while the construction gel is one that strengthens, builds or stretches the nail, and for this reason, is stretched in a larger quantity than the primer or the finishing gel. It is available in transparent or in non-opaque colors like pink.

The last gel of the triphasic method is the finishing gel, which gives light and shine to the nail, allowing the work to be preserved longer. On the finisher, it is possible to decorate the nail as you want.

Reconstruction with single-phase gel

The monophasic gel (or single phase gel) contains all the characteristics of the previous gels in a single product. A single gel to represent:

  • basic gel
  • construction gel (modeling)
  • finishing gel

The procedure does not change the triphasic method, only the usual gel should be used for each pass and the primer of the same mark should be used too.

The difference between the trifase gel and the single phase gel is substantial, in fact the first is recommended for those who have brittle, weak and hardened nails; and the second for those who, fortunately, already have healthy and strong nails or who just have to recharge.

Although the single-phase gel method is actually simpler and faster, the two methods of reconstruction are not particularly complex and guarantee nails that are not only beautiful and neat but also and especially resistant!