How to make a pretty Christmas tree pattern easily

Nail art Noël – l’esprit festif sur les ongles. Plus de 70 idées et tutoriels fort créatifs

Here is a tutorial for an interesting Christmas nail art

Nail art Noël – l’esprit festif sur les ongles. Plus de 70 idées et tutoriels fort créatifs

Silver glitter on a white background – a very elegant idea to welcome Christmas with style

christmas nails deco in white with silver motives, star rain and silver lines, silver gift box and red ribbon

Decoration in a light garland for your Christmas nails

Materials and tools needed:

  • base coat
  • red nail polish
  • gold nail polish
  • top coat
  • nail art brush
  • black lacquer liner
  • varnish liner color yellow, blue color, green color

Step by step realization:

We start again with the basic protective application on your nails. Then, as a nail polish, apply the gold one. Now take the black lacquer liner to draw a volute through and through your nails. If creating spirals seems a bit difficult, you can also create simple curves. Dip your nail art brush into the red nail polish and make small, oval shapes that barely scratch the black line. Do the same with the other colors of varnish liners, in order to create a Christmas garland pattern. Once dry, apply the top coat.

Tips for making a fascinating Christmas nail decoration presented in photos

nailt art christmas, simple tutorial how to draw a christmas garland pattern on a background of glittery gold nail polish

Easy Christmas Manicure – How to Make the Light Garland Pattern

tutorial to make a Christmas nails art, draw a Christmas light garland pattern colorful with a varnish liner on a glitter effect gold background

Nail Christmas decoration – Christmas tree silhouette in gold glitter

nail polish gold color glitter to achieve a fir pattern, gray sweater, silver ring


Christmas manicure with candy cane pattern 

Materials and tools needed: 

  • protective base
  • red nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • top coat
  • brush liner

Step by step realization:

As always, start by applying the base coat to your nails. Then, it is the turn of your basic varnish color. For some of your nails it will be red and for others (those on which we will create the candy cane pattern) – white. Once the varnish is dry, use your liner brush to draw narrow strips of red varnish diagonally colored white nails. Add a thicker band next to the first small red stripe. Repeat the two red lines on the end side of your fingernail. Finish with a top coat.

Christmas Nail Art Easy Candy Cane Pattern – Still A Super Easy Idea To Make At Home

easy christmas nail art, tutorial to make a candy cane pattern in red and white, step by step tutorial for a nail deco

nail art noel facile en vernis à ongles couleur verte et guirlande dorée à strass coloré, guirlande lumineuse de noel

deco ongle noel à vernis couleur nude et lignes blanches, plusieur bagues et accessoires, pull gris

ongle de noel, vernis opaque et bout d ongles décoré de vernis coloré pailleté et dessin flacon de neige blanc

comment faire un manucure de noel, vernis à ongles nude de teinte rose, bout d ongles ligne dorée

idée de nail art noël facile vernis à ongles vert et decoration de pois rouges et étoiles jaunes, effet bling bling

exemple de nail art noel simple, vernis à ongles vert foncé, rouge et blanc et motif houx et cannes de sucre

modele nail art de noel a faire soi meme, vrnis à ongles couleur bleue et vernis à paillettes blanches

nail art noel facile, vernis à ongles couleur vert de gris avec un bout couleur or, main sur un fond e paillettes dorées

modele nail art de noel, en rouge, blanc, marron et vert, sticker rudoplhe le renne, motif chapeau de père noel, arbre de noel et canne de bonbon

modele de manucure noel blanc ivoire avec des motifs dorés, lignes, arbre de noel en vernis or, fond de guirlande de pins