Nail art Christmas – the festive spirit on the nails. Over 70 creative ideas and tutorials

example of red nail art for Christmas simple and aesthetic, Christmas ball red interesting glitter effect

Christmas is fast approaching and the festive spirit will soon win the spirits and invade the whole aspect of our daily life. From the small decorations to the red sweater patterned snowflakes that we are impatient to don each year as the holidays approach. In addition, we are more and more to wish a manicure also imprinted with this festive joy. To give you a hand ,  we have selected for you some creative tutorials and suggestions of  original Christmas nail art.

Nail art template Christmas simple. Red nail polish – the color of Christmas

example of red nail art for Christmas simple and aesthetic, Christmas ball red interesting glitter effect

But before proceeding to the presentation of our festive nail designs, let’s do a brief summary of the steps you must go through to achieve a successful nail art. So firstly, there is of course the preparation of the hands. Filing your nails well and treating the cuticles is of paramount importance. Before proceeding with the application of a varnish, it is also important to apply a base coat. That is, a protective underlayer that is supposed to fortify your nails. What’s more, you can also think of putting a layer of opaque base varnish.

Christmas super easy nail art pattern in black nail polish and silver stains. A very aesthetic winter blast

black christmas nail art with silver sequined patterns and black and white sweater, women's magazine

Then comes the turn of the nail polish. For Christmas, it is probably red and white as well as glitter effect varnish that are most exploited. Choose a product that is easy to apply and dries fast enough to make it easy for you. It always ends with a top coat that will protect your manicure against any kind of aggression and make it more brilliant.

But still, there is any kind of embellishment that you can add to enhance your nails. The adhesive stickers for nails are a great idea for beginners in the field. Added to this are glitter, rhinestones, dotting pen to make the pea pattern, and of course the liners, thanks to which you can draw various decorations on your nails. You can also protect some of them with masking tape and create a pattern that appeals to you – a Christmas tree for example.

Beautiful example of Christmas nail art. White snowflakes on a background of blue nail polish

deco fingernail christmas in nail color dark blue and snowflake pattern and stars, simple idea


Here are the basics! We can now proceed to our ideas and tutorials a bit too creative to be true.

Nails with Christmas tree pattern

Materials and tools needed: 

  • base coat
  • white nail polish
  • green nail polish
  • sticker tape for nails
  • rhinestones varied colors
  • dotting pen (marbling tool)

Step by step realization:

You must of course start by applying a protective layer, then white polish on top. Next, arrange strips of nail sticker tape to form a triangle. Thus, we will create a charming Christmas tree pattern. Make sure that the sticker strips form straight lines, then cover the triangle made of green nail polish. Then, decorate small rhinestones to mimic Christmas balls. It’s up to you to choose how to arrange the small sequins round but the zig zag is in any case a good idea. We advise you to make the pattern on all nails! Make it rather on one or two nails, then for the rest, simply decorate with rhinestones to create a continuity of the nail art theme. Cover with a top coat and provoke the admiration of your friends!