Nails gel, we adopt or not?

They allow to display a manicure impeccable during several weeks and to play with the form and the length of our nails. Before you start, make sure this technique is for you.

What is it ?

In the 1980s, the laying of false nails, gel or resin, conquered the Americans. Then, gradually, it is the Westerners and Asians who succumbed to this new way of nails. Why ? Simply because these two new methods allow those who have damaged nails, gnawed, brittle, to find very pretty hands. Initially, the principle is the same. The nail is covered with a capsule that is placed with a glue. Then, this capsule, square or almond-shaped, is attached to the nail with the resin or gel. Finally, it is dried under a UV lamp and varnished. The use of gel or resin allows to hide the natural nail in favor of a false nail. Today, new formulas have appeared. So you can make a gel nail application without capsule.

How’s it going ?

It is essential to properly prepare the natural nail with a washing of your hands in the rules of art: hot water, soap, brush and antiseptic gel. Using a boxwood stick, push back the cuticles and then file your nails so that they do not catch. Disinfect again, with a cotton soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Put the glue on your nails, then put the capsule, which you cut to the desired length, and finally fill the space between the nail and the capsule with the gel. You just have to dry under a UV lamp and apply the varnish of your choice. If you opt for the formula without capsule, just put gel on your nail varnish and dry under the UV lamp.

Another option: gel varnish

It is also called the semi-permanent varnish. It allows to have impeccable nails for fifteen days. Thicker, it gives a “gel effect” to the nails. This formula applies as a traditional varnish: a protective base, two layers of color and a top coat to protect the varnish. Between each application, dry your nails under the UV lamp. Note that there are also gel polishes that dry in the open air. To use the gel varnish, it is necessary to have healthy nails that do not split, do not break, and that you do not bite. Because it is more aggressive than conventional formulas.

Does this method damage natural nails?

If your nails are very damaged, it is advisable to carry out the first pose in an institute or with a professional manicure. Recommended for those with short nails and little ointment, the gel nail with false nails can then be done at home, because there are complete kits to help you achieve it. The installation of gel varnish is less difficult to achieve at home from the first application.

How fast do you do this type of manicure?

Regarding the installation of false nails gel, regular maintenance is essential for the health of natural nails. The board ? Redo his nails every three weeks. For those who decide to remove false nails gel, it is essential to pamper your natural nails with the application, for one to two weeks, a specific base that rebuilds the surface of the nail. A tip: sweet almond oil will perfectly hydrate the outline of your nails.

What budget do you anticipate?

For a manicure in an institute, it takes between 50 and 70 euros. For a UV lamp to use at home, the rates vary between 40 and 100 euros. Obviously, these prices increase if the UV lamp allows professional use. But the advantage is to be profitable with the regular application of gel polish or false gel nails. You can also opt for kits that you find on the Internet, in perfume or in supermarkets. Regarding the gel polish, a pot costs from 20 to 50 euros. We must add the price of the protective base and the top coat, or 5 to 15 euros for each pot.