varnished trends

Spring is well established in our country, for our greatest pleasure! The sun has appeared, the flowers are starting to come out of the ground and a feeling of gaiety is settling in the spirits. No more short, dark days. Place to heat, light and color! Even though, as an ungular stylist, every day is a party in itself, including the darkest days. Do not you do the best job in the world? Nail gel, nail polish beautiful colors inspired by the latest trends , … In a word, make people happy, that’s your goal. Two important aspects of nail designer’s personality are generosity and compassion. Do you recognize yourself in this description?


ProNails helps you find inspiration with our new beauty products. Whether you are looking for hand care products, feet or new nail polish colors , you will find what you need for every customer.

This summer, warm tones will be central to ProNails. Thus, Warm-Hearted Soul is a shimmery orange polish, while I’ve Got Your Back offers a subtle violet. Hold My Hand is for fans of nude tones and Act of Kindness is a mint green polish that caters to the most daring. Finally, the summer 2019 collection would not be complete without two radiant colors: Share a Smile , a frivolous yellow, and Generous Gold , a golden varnish. Depending on whether your clients opt for a classic manicure or gel nails, they will certainly find their happiness in this range of colors.

To finish, the Midas Touch nail art sticker ensures an exclusive and golden look at each nail. Your clients deserve the best!


Do you remember the days when you glazed the nails of your girlfriends during girls’ parties? It was good before you decided that you would become a nail stylist. But for the most part, nothing has changed. Even today, a beautiful color of nail polish makes you vibrate! As a nail professional, try changing the color of the nail regularly . If you are skilled, you can apply the nail polish yourself or seek the help of a colleague. If that’s not possible, ask your best friend – she can certainly help out for once! And enjoy it to spend a pleasant evening! You really deserve it!