The wedding manicure – the beauty of the bride is in the smallest details

La manucure mariage – la beauté de la mariée est dans les plus petits détails

False nails have the advantage of offering a manicure worthy of the most advanced backstage and to hold longer than a simple nail polish. The problem is how to remove them without damaging your nails.

Marriage is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Each dreams of being dazzling from head to toe for the big day. Once you have chosen your dress, your shoes, accessories and hairstyle, you have to think about the significant details: the makeup and the wedding manicure. The brides’ nails are dressed in pastel colors, delicate and discreet.

The French manicure, refined and refined, is the classic variant that we know well. It is preferred in white, pink, peach or nude. She associates herself perfectly with the white dresses and the innocent image of the woman who enters her new life of wife. But there are also many other sublime variants to highlight the beauty of your hands. These are the decorations with different patterns.

The wedding manicure adopts all forms but keeps its neutral colors

La manucure mariage – la beauté de la mariée est dans les plus petits détails

Here are some variants for your wedding manicure that will sublimate you for the day.

  • a manicure with a rhinestone accent – an excellent personalization for your nails that will bring a touch of glamor to your outfit;
  • a manicure with a floral design – you can choose a concrete model or confide to your stylist who can offer you the best design for your dress and your look;
  • the French manicure – the classic version that is really chic and very suitable for bridal nail art. The French manicure also has its different designs – classic, shaded, rounded or geometric depending on the shape of the nails;
  • The lace manicure that has recently become very popular. Lace has always been a sexy female symbol. It is a manicure that is perfect for weddings in chic country style;
  • the French manicure with the border in metallic color – golden, copper or silver, it will agree with your alliance;
  • the half-moon manicure – with her the bride is not only very feminine, but she is just as elegant. This type of nail art brings a vintage touch to the style of the bride. In addition it is a universal and practical manicure with which a businesswoman can quietly go to the office, without harming her image;
  • a combination manicure, composed of various colors, such as black and white, white and pink, and enhanced by attractive but moderate decorations. If you are more daring and want a more extravagant decoration, you can add pearls, gems or other 3D jewelry.

A pale pink polish for a chic and elegant wedding manicure

La manucure mariage – la beauté de la mariée est dans les plus petits détails

What are the favorite details for the decoration of the bridal manicure (can we add them by creating a handmade drawing or with a nail sticker)? These are above all romantic symbols with which one emphasizes his sentimental side:

  1. The stripes (bronzed, gold and silver band stickers are very suitable for the manicure of the bride and they give a very stylish look to the nails);
  2. ribbons and bow ties bring solemn elegance to the nails;
  3. the flowers, colored or of the same shade as the initial hue, symbolize the sweetness and romance of the new life;
  4. the laces can decorate the borders or the plates of the nails. For a more complex look, they match with small shiny jewels. A vintage effect ideal for weddings in chic country style;
  5. hearts, stars, snowflakes and watermarks – always charming classical patterns;
  6. butterflies and birds – the flowery manicure is ideal for spring and summer weddings.

La manucure mariage – la beauté de la mariée est dans les plus petits détails

The cult colors for a married manicure are varied and depend in principle on the color of your dress. Currently wedding dresses are available in a range of colors and shades quite wide. White is, of course, preferred, but you can find so many fantastic colors to sublimate your complexion and your style. We want to create an air of innocence and lightness, combining the manicure with the dress. To do this we use pastel shades or natural – opaque or transparent. 

These are colors such as taupe, coral, green and pastel blue, cream and beige. These beautiful hues bring a note of sweetness. They are neutral as white, yet not trivial. It is possible to make a manicure in cold shades like the pale blue, the parma, the lilac, always attenuated by an elegant transparency. Decorations with rhinestones, stickers and drawings are still possible, to boost the manicure and associate with jewelry and accessories.