UV gel: the good tips for choosing it

How to choose your UV gel?

Your nails do not please you? You can resort to false nails. And to keep them in place, nothing better than UV gel. Discover tips to choose the right product for your needs.

The UV gel is a product ensuring the good performance of false nails during a manicure . Appreciated by artist nails, it is used as a base during the installation of false nails . Resistant and long-lasting, it spreads easily, dries quickly and protects the nails from pigments that could tarnish them.


Before you buy a UV gel, you need to check certain points to be sure to invest in a reliable product. First, observe its appearance. You will know that the article is good if it is transparent, clear or has a slightly pinkish hue. The UV gel must also be compact and semi-thick or thick. If it’s too fluid, you’ll have trouble applying it to your nail. Finally, it must not contain acids that could cause allergies. The discount UV gel on Onglemod will give you complete satisfaction. The site offers a selection of articles that suit your needs and respect your health as well as that of your nails.


To properly choose your UV gel, it is important that you check the following criteria:

  • Viscosity: a fairly thick product is perfect for those who use it for the first time. A fluid gel is harder to use unless you are a great nail technician.
  • The hue: the choice of the hue of your UV gel is crucial because it hides the imperfections of the nail while giving it a more natural effect. The existing product in different colors, so you must choose one whose shade is closest to that of your natural nail.
  • Flexibility: A flexible gel is perfect for dry or brittle nails that are subjected to a lot of hard work every day. On the other hand, it is to be avoided for fat nails.
  • Adhesion: The adhesive strength of the UV gel varies depending on the product. Some have enhanced adhesion. These are preferred if you want the installation of your nails to take longer.
  • The covering power: a gel that covers the nail well has a strong pigmentation. And the higher the pigmentation, the harder it is to handle. This kind of product is therefore to be avoided for the beginners of the pose of nails.
  • LED compatibility: an LED lamp is needed to quickly dry a UV gel. You must therefore make sure that the product you are going to buy is perfect for the lamp you have at home.